When and How Often Should I Aerate My Lawn?

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Question: My landscaper told me I need to aerate my lawn because the soil is compacted. When should I aerate my lawn and how often should I do it?

- Donald G. (Atlanta, GA)

Answer: First, you need to understand why it’s necessary to aerate your lawn. When the soil gets compacted, it does not get proper air flow or water flow. Without proper air/water flow, important nutrients cannot reach the roots. With aeration, you loosen the soil and help promote deep root growth which in turn will make your lawn nice and thick. Without strong roots, your grass plant will be prone to disease and won’t thrive.

Along the same lines, when there is excess thatch on your lawn, it also prevents the root system from getting the air, water, and nutrient it needs. That’s why you need to aerate your lawn.

To answer your question, the usual recommendation is that you should aerate your lawn twice a year. You should aerate once in the spring time before you fertilize and also aerate in the fall after you dethatch you lawn. However, in my opinion, you only really need to aerate once a year. Just do it after you’ve dethatched your lawn. That way your soil is in the best shape to be aerated and when you apply the fertilizer, it can be easily absorbed into the soil.

If you want to aerate the lawn yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it, you can check out these Aerators.

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