Black & Decker CM1836 18-Inch 36-Volt Cordless ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER REVIEWS

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Black & Decker CM1836 18-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Black & Decker CM1836 18-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

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Quick Overview:

Ratings/Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 Stars (200+ Customer Reviews!)

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Price: $329.00 (FREE Shipping!)

The Good: Consumer Reports recommended cordless lawn mower. Space-saving design.

The Bad: No battery level indicator. Small rear bag. Battery not removable.

The Bottom Line: The convenience of a cordless electric lawn mower that stacks up to the performance of a gas mower.

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Here’s the short and sweet version of why you would want a cordless electric lawn mower in general: (1) Low maintenance from not having to deal with gas, oil, filters, and spark plugs. (2) Instant electric start means no frustration and sore shoulder from pulling the engine cord. (3) Freedom to mow the yard without an extension cord getting in the way. (4) No more smelling the exhaust fumes of a gas mower. (5) Avoid the loud noise of a gas mower that could damage your hearing and annoy the neighbors (okay, this could be a plus if you don’t like your neighbors). All of the above applies to the Black & Decker CM1836 18-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower, so we’ll dig deeper into its performance and features.

Black Decker CM1836 Mulching Push Lawn Mower

Simply insert the conversion plug to convert the mower to mulching mode.

Mulching Cordless Lawn Mower

You have some good choices in this category, and one of them is the Black & Decker CM1836 (a Consumer Reports recommended cordless electric push mower). Many people are reluctant to buy an electric lawn mower because of the perception that it doesn’t cut as well as a gas mower. While this might’ve been true with the first generation of electric lawn mowers, you’d be pleasantly surprised at what the newest electric mowers can do. Given normal mowing conditions, an electric lawn mower can perform just as well as a gas lawn mower. However, in cases of long, over-grown lawns or cutting wet grass, you can expect a gas lawn mower to perform better. Designed as a mulching lawn mower, the CM1836 does a very good job of mulching (and some would say a better job than a gas mower). If you don’t like to mulch, the rear bag assembly can be easily taken on and off.

Fold Up for Easy Storage & Space Saver

Black & Decker did a great thing by designing the CM1836 to fold up easily and stored vertically. This probably cuts down the amount of space needed to store your cordless lawn mower by 2/3. And who couldn’t use more storage space in their garage or shed?

Black Decker CM1836 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Space Saving Design for Storage

Check out how the Black & Decker CM1836 folds up and stores vertically!

Eco-Friendly & Zero Emissions

Using an electric lawn mower is not only good for your health, it’s good for the environment. The same exhaust fumes emitted by gas lawn mowers that you breathe in is the same harmful emission that pollutes the air to the tune of over one million tons annually. This seems like a no-brainer, no? And for those of you who don’t have a trunk or truck bed for transporting the gas can, do you really want that smell of gasoline to linger for days in your car/SUV/van and exposing it to your family and children? I think not.

And while we’re on the subject of health and safety, the CM1836 comes with a safety key to prevent someone (i.e., a little child) from accidently starting the mower.

Black & Decker CM1836 Warranty

The CM1836 has a standard 2-year warranty and also boasts a lifetime deck warranty.

Quick and Easy Assembly/Adjustment

Assembling the Black & Decker CM1836 is as easy as can be. With no tools required, you can easily put it together in under 10 minutes. I know of toys for 5-year-olds that take twice as long, if not longer. You can also adjust the cutting height of the CM1836 with ease. Using one hand, you can pull a single lever that’ll adjust all four wheels at the same time. What can be easier than that?

Check current pricing on the Black & Decker CM1836 at

Black Decker CM1836 Lawn Mower Height Adjustment Lever

Adjust the height of all 4 wheels at once with the pull of a single lever.

Complaints About the Black & Decker CM1836

A common complaint about the CM1836 is the cutting swath. With the deck size at 18″ and the large space between the blade and the deck, more overlapping is required when mowing. However, I think the larger space helps the mower from getting bogged down, especially when cutting wet grass. I know that on my old electric lawn mower I had to constantly scrape away the wet grass clipping on the underside because the build-up in that space prevented the blade from spinning. It would not be as much of a problem had the space between the blade and the side of the deck been larger.

Another thing people have complained about is the size of the rear bag. While it is on the smaller side, remember that you would be buying the CM1836 for its mulching capabilities not its bagging capabilities. The bag is there to offer you more options, but if you don’t plan to mulch your grass clippings or size of the rear bag is a deal breaker for you, then you should probably look at other models.

Since this is not a self-propelled lawn mower, the CM1836’s weight of 64 lb. might be an issue for people with hilly lawns. If you have any kind of physical limitations, you should look into self propelled lawn mowers. Also, if you have a larger yard, you might want to look into the Black & Decker CM1936 19-inch model which offers the convenience of a removable battery.

Key Differences Between the Black & Decker CM1836 vs. the CM1936

So what’s the difference between the CM1836 and the CM1936? For an extra $90, the CM1936 has a removable battery that allows you to recharge the battery away from the mower itself. This is important if you do not have an electric outlet out in the shed or if you cannot mow your lawn in one charge (in which case you can buy a backup battery that you can swap out instead of having to wait for your battery to recharge). The CM1936 also has a 19″ cutting swath (vs. 18″ on the CM1836). Practically speaking, the extra inch of swath on the CM1936 will cut down on the mowing time because it covers more area on each pass. The downside to the CM1936 is its weight; it weighs 8 pounds more than the CM1836. Also, the CM1936 does not come with the mulching insert (sold separately). So, if you plan to regularly mulch the clippings, you have to add in the extra cost of the mulching insert. For more detailed information, read my Black & Decker CM1936 Review.

The electric mower of today has come a long way. The Black & Decker CM1836 is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice performance when buying electric lawn mowers. What would’ve made this mower even better is if it came with a battery level indicator. Then again, it probably would add to the price of the mower. Who knows, if enough people request it, Black & Decker will listen. If a battery level indicator is something you’d like to see on a future model, leave a thoughtful comment below (don’t just write “yes, an indicator would be nice”). Let’s use this forum to convince someone at Black & Decker that this is a good idea. Power to the people!

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