When is the Best Time of the Year to Plant Grass Seed?

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Question: Can you tell me when is the best time to plan grass seed?

- Carol S. (Manchester, VT)

Answer: Well, the short answer is in the Fall. Why? Because that’s when the soil is warm and moist, providing the optimal environment for grass seeds to properly germinate. Compare that to the hot, summer weather which causes the soil to get dry and will require your constant monitoring and watering. Also, during the summer is when the weeds really thrive and will compete with your grass plants for nutrients.

Without the excessive summer heat and competition from weeds, the young grass plants have the most optimal environment in which to grow deep and healthy roots. When you plant early in the Fall, you have the Fall and Spring seasons for the grass plants to mature and better able to take on the stress of the Summer season.

Why is Springtime not as good as the Fall to plant grass seeds? In the Spring, the soil is still cold from the Winter and cool temperatures delay germination. If your area is just coming off of a harsh, snowy winter, the grounds may be too wet and cold. And again, if you plant in the Spring, the young grass plants haven’t had enough time to mature and will have to compete with the onslaught of weeds at the beginning of the growing season for much-needed nutrients.

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